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Feel Sorry for me! It's cold; I have to go out! LOL

14 years ago

Checking the weather update, as if looking out the window couldn't tell me what I needed to know; I see we are right between a "blizzard warning" and "civil emergency."

Well, well...depending on which weather site you check, the windchill is -31 to -35. The site says the wind is 11 mph; that might be true for Grand Forks, but its a hecka lot wilder, here. 11 MPH is a gentle prairie breeze; this baby is howling.

Temps -11.6 ðF

Light Snow Blowing Snow

Windchill: -31 ðF

Humidity: 85%

Dew Point: -15 ðF

Wind: 11.0 mph

Visibility: 0.1 miles

I making three kinds of soup (salmon chowder, bean with hamhocks, and cream of potato) today to put in the freezer for Wes' lunches. I'm going to have hot cornbread ready when gets home tonight. He's Security on the flightline today so he's going to be a popsicle when he gets home.

We're warm and cozy, so let 'er blow.

Harry's not been outside yet. It's funny to see him go to the door and ask me to open it, poke his little nose out and then start backing up as fast as he can. He goes back to his chair and snuggles in. He'll start dancing around before too long. He'll whine and whimper and go to the door and look at me like "Do I have to?" and then put on his brave face and dash out.

Wes was putting Harry's insulated duck-hunting vest on before letting him out yesterday, but Harry being a male, and the vest being snug on his belly...well it wasn't a good thing. The coats and vests work much better on the female dogs.

He's such a good boy. He was the easiest puppy in the world to house train; he's never, ever had one boo-boo in his almost six years.

I'm bundling up in Wes' insulated coveralls and my no-skin-exposed parka gear and boots. The bird feeders all blew off the trees. A true bird lover fills her bird feeders, no matter what. I may just set them on the ground on the south side of the front steps. They'll be more protected there and the birds will have a better chance of surviving.

I'm making my pot of tea before I go out.

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