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Interesting, fun, or historic places on east coast

Toni S
14 years ago

Dh and I are thinking about taking the kids to the east coast. Most likely we will fly to where ever we decide because dh never leaves the farm for very long. We will probably want to go around the end of July. Not my choice of times but it works the best work wise. Got to get the wheat in the bins! Anyway, because of the heat of the summer I'm finding tourist places tend to wind down by the end of July. By the time we get to our destination all the seasonal shows are over. Guess what I'm getting to is that we need to find a place that has entertainment yearly. Visiting museums sounds fun to my dh, seeing the beach would be nice for the girls and my son is a big history buff.

If you could take a moment to leave some ideas I would greatly appreciate it. I've found the best advice comes from experience. Obviously one persons ideal vacation would be a disaster for another, so I'd like to hear the details good or bad.

As a girl I recall going to St. Augustine FL. I loved the town, the beach, and the plantation I saw. It was so interesting! I've been to alot of places since then but never the east coast. Any place on the coast that you would recommend? Places you would stay away from? Have you been to DC? ....Thanks~ Toni

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