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New Year's Eve is Bad News

15 years ago

for my poor dd.

Last year, she went to a party, and while there, someone plowed into her parked car, doing a lot of damage, and took off. She never was able to find out who did it.

She just called me a few minutes ago. Was pulling up to the drive thru to pick up some tea on her way to work, and the woman behind her rear-ended her, punching a hole in dd's bumper. Then the idiot tried to claim DD backed up into her. Then she pulled the, "we don't have to call the cops"; "let's just handle this ourselves" and "I have a friend who does body work" dodges (along with a few other standard excuses).

DD was smart and insisted on calling the police to make a report, is planning on going through her insurance, and told the woman she would be taking the car to HER (dd's) body shop of choice. She said the woman was really mouthy--until a man showed up, presumably the husband, then she got really quiet.

And while I was typing this, dd just called back. Turns out the other car (A BMW) is registered in the woman's husband's name. Think we broke the code here--she's probably had other fender benders and didn't want hubby to know about this one. Which means DD would have NEVER gotten her money out of the woman, if she'd been dumb enough to agree to handling things privately. If the car isn't in her name, she probably has no money of her own, either (side note--how can women live that way, without their own property or resources? but I digress).

Well, the fortunate thing is DD isn't injured. She's just has some relatively minor property damage and ended up missing almost an hour of work. And, of course, will have to go through the hassle of getting the car fixed.

But do keep her in your thoughts. Poor kid--looks like NYE just isn't her day.

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