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I'm not sure which is more weird.

11 years ago

Couple recent headline makers:

1) Yesterday about 6:45 am a woman walks out into the middle of a Minneapolis, MN freeway during heavy rush hour traffic and lies down in the middle of the traffic. Needless to say she was hit by multiple cars. (Yes, she died.) Now really, isn't there a *lot* of better ways to commit suicide? Weird.

2) On the talk radio show today they're talking about an incident in Wisconsin about a year ago where male and female were supposedly "playing doctor". The male was charged with 1st degree Sexual Assault. He's received letters from the prosecutor ordering him to be in court for various hearings, etc, or he'll be put in jail. It gets more interesting. The female denies the alleged assault happened and the male also denies he did what the prosecutor alleges. It's the female's *mother* who suspected something "happened" and is the one making the complaint and found a cooperative prosecutor. The female alleged victim is being pressured to change her story to corrobate the mother's suspicions to gain a conviction but (and kudos to her for sticking to her guns) so far she's not giving in. Oh, (and here's the topper), the male was 6 years old at the time and the female was 5 years old.

I guess #2 takes the weird prize and also gets the Makes Me Sick Award too. The prosecutor belongs in jail and the mother needs to be committed.

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