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Do Any Women Here Use Minoxidil?

7 years ago

In 2009 I had pneumonia. A few months later I noticed hair loss. The hair grew back.

Now I have noticeable thinning at the crown and can see through to my scalp at the sides of my head when I pull my hair back. This is not something that runs in the maternal side of my family tree.

I had a recent physical and blood workup with nothing unusual noted. I've taken Advair for ten years. I take a small amount of Vit. D-3. I used to take a multi-vitamin, but have difficulty swallowing those horse pills. (ENT MD says whoever did my tonsillectomy 65 years ago didn't 'get it all'.)

Time to do something about my remaining hair. Even a woman over 70 is entitled to be a little vain.

Does anyone here use minoxidil, and at what strength? My DH used it years ago with success in retaining hair. Now he doesn't care.

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