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Economic Downturn Opportunities

15 years ago

I'm always saying how there are financial opportunities in any economic climate.

Thought maybe we could have a more concrete discussion on that topic. Maybe it will help some of those who are out there, looking for work and getting discouraged.

Just an example--my husband has worked for the same company for almost 40 years. He's held his current position for about the past 15-20. As it happens, his dept. has all the overtime they want. I have NEVER known the company to offer such a lot of overtime. He's going in an hour earlier, staying an hour or two later in the afternoon, and can work Saturdays, if he wants. The increase in work is caused by a couple of things. Unfortunately, every guy in his dept. has been out for some sort of extended health issue recently (DH had gall bladder surgery a few weeks back, for one), so the work has backed up. That's only part of it. His job is that of a 'cutman'--he's a bill collector for the electric/gas company--so part of the reason they're so busy is that they really do have more work than usual these days. As he's planning to retire in the next couple of years, he's delighted to be able to get the extra work--partly to help pay for carrying 2 houses at the moment, and partly to bump up his pension.

What other jobs/careers have you seen flourishing? Where are people in your area finding work, or making money on their own? Of course, the answers are going to be different from different areas of the country, but it will be interesting to see what ways people are finding to make money in even this poor climate.

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