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any semi or pro photographers? need camera advice

Sally Brownlee
12 years ago

I am really wanting a better camera. Right now I have a Canon...just a point and shoot.

I want to take better pictures. I get so frustrated at the lack of quality images I have.

I am about as amatuer as it gets, but an eager student.

I am looking to buy this: $749.99

Nikon D3100 Digital SLR

18-55mm VR Lens

+ 55-200mm VR Lens

Training Pack Bundle

Two Training DVDs

Case, 4GB SD Card

1080p Full HD Video

Scene Recognition System

Is this a good package? Price okay? Will I be overwhelmed?

Can I take pictures right away with little to no learning curve. (I am willing to learn)

I am going to the mountains this weekend. While my SO is hunting on another side, I would like to "shoot" with my camera. The camera I have is just not cutting it.

Thanks for your input, I know some of you take fantastic pictures...

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