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'special thoughts needed' update

13 years ago

Thank you everyone for your prayers, good vibes and special thoughts. The KT rocks!! Hubby came thru the surgery with no problems except being terribly groggy and nauseated. By the next day, he was doing much better. And today we are home. We stopped at the Hogle Zoo for a couple of hours this morning to reward the grandson for being such a good kid through it all! He really was a trooper. Aside from worrying about my DH, I had the added worry of my dad in Houston. He weathered the hurricane without any damage to the house, but the power is off and he can't open the garage door, so he is stuck in his house. The car is parked in the garage! Good thing he has a couple of people who check in on him from time to time. Told him to order pizza delivery!!

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