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You like a small desk calendar ... but didn't get one last year?

10 years ago

Do you know where to find one from earlier years, that wasn't thrown out?

Here's whatcha do.

Most such calendars have a small space where the company giving it puts their name. Cut a small piece of blank paper to fit into that space.

Write this year on the top left, with the names of the remaining months of this year under it. Get a large calendar of this year and write the day of the week on which the first falls beside the name of each of those months.

Look on the small calendar from the earlier year and find a month in which the first falls on that day and write the name of that month to the right the day of the week on which the first falls in the remaining months of this year.

You got your fix for the rest of this year.

And you can do it again next year, if you have a desk calendar that you like better than any that show up in subsequent years.

This I'd call a re-use ...

... but then, again, since there was some reprocessing required, I guess it actually becomes a recycling matter.

Whichever - it pretty well ends up the same.

And you have a desk calendar that you've been without for months.

Yeah - I know - all you have to do is ask your Smartphone. But what if it ain't to hand? What - you never let your Smartphone get that far away?

Ain't life a caution, though!

ole joyful

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