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What do you like Now that you didn't like Before?

Supposedly, our tastes change every seven years. Well, I still despise mushrooms and that's been one constant.

But recently, I decided I love marmalade, a taste I had always hated.

And good olives. Until this year, I had never willingly eaten an olive.

Up until my twenties, I liked bananas but now hate them.

I picked up a jar of marmalade at TJ Maxx recently and was happy to find I can order it through Amazon when I want more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mrs. Bridges marmalade

Comments (26)

  • susie_que
    12 years ago

    I was just talking about this!!

    I really do not care for anything Buffalo'ed....wings tenders ect....the taste is offensive to me.

    I am also loving marmalade more that earlier in my life...its the spicy/sweet thing I guess.
    I have been completely soda free for oh about 5 years now but every so often I pop open a bottle of seltzer-wegmans makes a vanilla seltzer which I adore.

    Love to see what other people respond!!


  • arley_gw
    12 years ago

    Anchovies. Hated them when I was younger. In my fifties now, I enjoy them now on pizza, Caesar salads, etc.

    Recently made some anchovy butter and left it in the fridge. (Julia Child's recipe) DW recently made some toast for a midnight snack and used that anchovy butter to butter the toast. As Gomer Pyle might say, 'Surprise, surprise, surprise!' Hilarity ensued.

  • cloudy_christine
    12 years ago

    Cilantro. Love it now.
    Mostly my tastes have changed the other way. I've decided I don't really like some things I used to eat. Asparagus is one example. Getting iffy about mushrooms.

  • dreamhouse1
    12 years ago

    Mushrooms also, thought they always tasted like dirt. Developed a taste for them after trying them at a wonderful steak house. Now I can't eat them enough! Except raw, still can't eat them raw.

    Oatmeal. I was 45 before I could eat the stuff. After lots of trials and errors, brands and flavors, I finally found one I liked and have now developed a love for it.

    As a child, anything coconut, but now, no problem (unfortunately!).

    Still can't eat grapefruit.....

    Every time my in-laws start complaining about my son's tastes for the mundane (hamburgers, pizza), I just roll my eyes....he is constantly exposed to all foods and he, too, will eventually come around. Of course, they are 76 year-olds that have eaten ALL foods since birth....hmmmm, maybe that Thanksgiving visit was a little toooo long after all (grins).

  • ci_lantro
    12 years ago

    Eggplant. Used to loathe it--always tasted bitter to me even when other people at the table remarked about how good it was. Wasn't until 4-5 years ago that I tasted it again (from a Chinese restaurant buffet) and decided that not only could I tolerate it, I loved it.

    That, after having moved from a climate where it flourishes to one where growing it can be a challenge. But fortunately I have discovered that the Fairy Tale variety does really good for me here in WI. This year I planted it out by the mailbox since it's such a pretty plant. Figured it was safe from 2-legged predators out there because it's not a popular veggie up here. ;) Neither the deer nor the rabbits bothered it but have a feeling I just got lucky.

  • mtnester
    12 years ago

    Salmon - when I was a child, my Mom would buy canned salmon and mix in some minced scallions. I abhorred that tinny, oniony taste and wouldn't touch salmon for many years. Then, about 9 years ago, we visited DD in Seattle and dined at a famous seafood restaurant. I figured that, if I was ever going to try salmon again, that was the best place to do it. And wonder of wonders, I LOVED it! I've been eating and enjoying it ever since. (I also love all forms of onions now.)

    Pepper! Yes, I know that almost every main-dish recipe calls for salt and pepper, but I never liked pepper (and omitted the salt for health reasons). A few years ago, I tried Montreal seasoning for hamburgers and realized that black pepper was the predominant ingredient. So now I season my cooking quite differently.

    I also didn't like green peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes when I was a kid, but I love them now.


  • kframe19
    12 years ago

    Blue cheese.

    couldn't stand it until college.

    Horseradish. Made me want to puke as a kid.

    Still can't stomach olives. I doubt I ever will be able to.

  • jessicavanderhoff
    12 years ago

    I hate the same things you used to hate (along with horseradish's equally loathsome cousin, wasabi). I started liking onions, though, and I like dill sometimes now.

  • booberry85
    12 years ago

    Eggs, onions,and radishes, I hated them all as a kid. I love eggs now and who doesn't like a fresh onion or radish out of the garden?

  • doucanoe
    12 years ago

    I was just thinking about this a couple of weeks ago, too.

    Over the summer I developed a love for both mangoes and avocados, two things I never really cared for before. Now I can't get enough of them! LOL

    I can't think of anything that I used to like but don't care for any more.


  • foodonastump
    12 years ago

    My list would be very long because I started out picky and now have few dislikes. Raw tomatoes, blue cheese, mushrooms, eggplant are among the already-mentioned foods that I've come to enjoy just within the past five years. Cabbage is another, in fact just about two weeks ago I decided might actually like sauerkraut, depending on how it's cooked.

    I've actively worked on tolerating many things, and that's often led to actually liking them. My current challenge is olives. I managed to swallow a couple black olives over Thanksgiving weekend! Who knows, perhaps in a few months I might dare to order something-nicoise at a restaurant and perhaps even enjoy it.

    Unfortunately seven years is a big fraction of one's life. IMO it's a long time to miss out on something that you could actually enjoy given a reasonable effort.

  • teresa_nc7
    12 years ago

    Did not like peas as a child, but like them now; sometimes I even eat them as a side vegetable with no sauce or anything on them.

    Positively did not like cilantro when I first tried it, but now I do like it, just don't eat it all that often because it goes bad so easily. But I love it in fresh salsa.

    Haven't changed my mind about those big ol' honkin' lima beans, still can't stand them and will not eat them, Sam I am.

  • annie1992
    12 years ago

    We just had this conversation in the last few months, didn't we?

    I have learned to eat things I never liked before, notably brussels sprouts, avocados, peanut butter, oatmeal, coffee. Especially coffee, now I love the stuff and I eat peanut butter nearly every day.

    I tried and I tried, but I cannot like olives. I just tried again on Thanksgiving, sure enough, I still don't like them. Jello is just so disgusting in texture I can't imagine that's ever going to be a possibility, and I don't think it's really food anyway. I also don't think I'll ever be able to eat mush, whether you call it polenta or grits, it's all mush to me.

    Teresa, I still don't like the big honkin' lima beans, although I can eat the little ones, and I still don't like okra in any form.

    Oh, and I still don't like beer and wine, pizza, white pasta or chocolate chip cookies.

    I keep trying all of those things, even the mush, thinking maybe someday I'll like them. Maybe I will, but not yet!


  • shambo
    12 years ago

    Avocados & calamari are two foods I disliked when I was young. I hated the texture of avocados. I recall being at a family friend's dinner party and gagging over the salad that contained avocado chunks. Now I love avocados and could eat them every day.

    I am really amazed that I like calamari now. When I was young, my dad would get fresh fish from a local fishmonger every week. Sometimes he would pick up calamari and stew it for his lunches. I thought it stunk to high heaven. I would cloister myself in my bedroom with the door closed and my two windows open. I would close the kitchen door too, but I could still smell that vile aroma. That smell stuck in my brain for years. When fried calamari started to become a popular appetizer many, many years ago, I was incredulous. How could anyone eat that disgusting stuff? But somehow someone convinced me to try it. And, wonder of wonders, I liked it. I am sure it was the crunch that made a difference. So now it is one of my favoites. But I only like it fried & crunchy. Please, no squid stew for me...

  • anoriginal
    12 years ago

    Have tried oysters every which way... still don't like them. Other than nice pate... same for liver. Dad liked sardines in mustard for his lunches for work. Didn't like them back then, but tried again recently... still don't like them.

    As a kid, was not crazy about shrimp... imagine that. When Dad decided dinner would be fried shrimp... did the breading and frying, but didn't really like them. THAT has changed over the years!

    I think a lot of foods people "hate" are the result of what form they've eaten it in. If only mushrooms you've ever had were from a can... ya can't appreciate fresh. Same with several other food items... IMO. If only asparagus or peas you've ever had came from a can... try fresh/frozen. If only black olives you've ever had were from a can... I'd advise you to bring home some from market with a good assortment... like W-man's.

    Don't think I've ever had canned salmon? Fresh salmon isn't on my list of favorites.

  • nancyofnc
    12 years ago

    I've always liked everything except canned tuna, still don't. Rather have seared fresh tuna. I do make a tolerable pasta tuna casserole, but only on request, maybe once a year, and my DH makes his own tuna salad sandwiches.

    I eat everything and anything new. I may not want it again, but I certainly don't hate anything and the next time that that food is offered, I try it again. You never know.


  • arkansas girl
    12 years ago

    It's hard for me to say because I like pretty much all foods and the only thing that I can think of that I like now that I didn't before is vanilla ice cream. I used to hate it but I like it now. I've always like it was chocolate syrup but now it's good alone. Something I used to love but I can't stand them except in candy is cashews. I almost gag to eat a plain cashew...strange because I used to eat them a lot. I had food poisoning a couple years ago that kind of messed things up for a while. But pretty much I'm back to my old self again...except cashews...Ha!

  • Lars
    12 years ago

    Annie, yes we did have this conversation a few months ago, and I cannot remember what I wrote. I can say that I would not eat cheese (or any dairy product except cottage cheese) as a child, and that has changed, even though it does not always agree with me. I have a hard time thinking of anything else, but cheese covers a lot of territory. I used not to like paté, but I do like it now, although I do not buy it. I used to buy duck mousse (similar to paté) from France at the French Market when I lived in Venice and it was just down the street from me.


  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    Well Annie, I'm always interested in the psychology of eating so maybe we did!

  • mustangs81
    12 years ago

    I've had one cup of coffee (1976); I've been thinking about being a big girl and start drinking coffee. For several months I have been practicing with the little sample cup when I go to the Fresh Market. I put about 1/4 turbinado sugar, 1/4 cream, and half coffee.

    Today I took the plunge and bought a bag of "What's Toffee Got To Do With It" caramel flavored coffee thinking it would be doable with enough sugar and cream.

    We will see if I have turned the corner and now like something that I never have before.

  • BeverlyAL
    12 years ago

    Things I hated and now I love:

    green olives
    sour cream

    Things I loved and now I hate:


    Things I never liked and still don't:

    all seafood
    fresh mushrooms

  • kathleenca
    12 years ago

    For years I didn't care for potato chips or French fries though I liked potatoes prepared other ways, but the past few years there are times I crave them now. It's a combination of the oil/grease & salt. Rather than a certain food, I find that I now like specific dishes a lot more than I used to: stews, pot roast, sauerkraut, sausage, biscuits & gravy (notice the interest in heavy fat foods?)

    A kind of sad thing, I LOVED chocolate to the point of once buying & eating a whole BOX of Hershey's bars, & going to chocolate conventions for a few years. Now I've lost my taste for chocolate; I don't hate it, but I don't care if I have it or not, & when I do have a piece, it doesn't taste all that great. Calories I don't have to worry about, I suppose. It's also given me empathy for older people who have lost their taste for food.

  • murphy_zone7
    12 years ago

    Can't think of anything I didn't like that I like now. I will try pretty much anything. If I like it I will eat it again, if not I generally will not try again. However there is one food I did not like as a child and will not eat to this day or any day in the future....liver!!! in any form or circumstances. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. three times yuck!

  • cinsay
    12 years ago

    This is a great discussion. I didn't know about this forum a month ago so I missed the earlier discussion.

    I used to hate:
    o Valveeta (does that count as a food?)
    o grits
    o rice pudding
    o cilantro - I thought it tasted like soap at first
    o cauliflower

    I used to like now don't care for:
    o pancakes
    o waffles
    o choc. chip, oatmeal, and sugar cookies

    Still can't stand:
    o brussel spouts
    o any dish with soggy bread like most dressings and breakfast casserols

    Think I will always love:
    o cheese (all kinds)
    o food that is deep fried


  • dreamhouse1
    12 years ago

    Oh, yeah, one more I've tried and can't seem to acquire a taste for no matter what I do...papaya.

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    I have enjoyed reading all your likes and dislikes so much.

    I'm off for vacation tomorrow morning-South Myrtle Beach- so won't be able to keep up with the topic.
    I won't be internet free but I will be out and about doing fun things!