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Handicapped Bathroom Stalls

9 years ago

Hi - My friend and I are interested in your views.

She and I are having a discussion/friendly debate about public bathrooms. We were in a restaurant over the weekend and, prior to leaving, visited the ladies' room.

There were 3 regular stalls and 1 handicapped stall. All 3 regular stalls were full. One of us thought it was ok for us (individually, of course!) to use the handicapped stall. The other thought not, same as with a handicapped parking spot, and opted not to. The one who thought it was fine used it, saying that there was no handicapped person waiting to use it, to the chagrin of the other, who said absolutely not, that we're not supposed to use it because it's reserved for the handicapped and only they are allowed to use it.

What do you think?

Thanks for your opinions!


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