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Billy Currington and a short night for me last night

12 years ago

DD and I went to see Billy Currington at the county fair last night. Great show! And a wonderful evening spent, just my wonderful DD and me! She had a blast afterward, as the photo bug bit her again. She free lances, and has been blessed with a couple of shoots the past week. After the show, she ended up on her back in the grass taking pics of the farris wheel going round, and even got a young couple to lean out just a tiny bit (not enough that it would be unsafe) for her. She is emailing the pics to them! It was one of those spur of the moment ideas.

I came home and went to bed but couldn't sleep. So after an hour, I got up and scetched out a couple of card ideas and made some notes about them, and finally went to bed an hour later. Still tossed for a while and ended up with only about 4 1/2 hours of sleep.

DH has decided he wants his hair cut, then I am headed for bed!


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