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My weekend; should I laugh, or cry??? Long (of course!)

14 years ago

I'm going to be busy, busy week...

1. The contractor called Thursday night. Our scheduled bathroom demolition would not take place Monday (today); he won't be able to get to it until the 25th. I now had one day to find and reschedule the plumber and electrician. It took me months to find a plumber that would commit to come out here to the boondocks for this pain-in-the-patoot remodel job, and now I had to put him off. Ditto for the electrician.

2. We'd planned a casual dinner with the neighbors Saturday, but due to a calendar mal-function (I didn't write it down.) we also had a wedding to attend that evening. The neighbors were happy to reschedule for Sunday. I had bought the ribs; they were grilling them and corn-on-the-cob; I was to provided another side dish and dessert and we were eating at my house.

3. We attended the wedding. It was held in a Park Lodge and everything was perfect! My "good" clothes are still packed; I had a devil of time finding my one "casual-but-dressier-event" outfit. I finally did. After a tumble in the dryer with a damp towel, and hanging outside for several hours, it was perfect. I even found the lovely, strappy, heeled sandals I'd purchased to wear "the next time" I wore said outfit. My purse didn't"go" with the pants, but I'm sure I was the only person who noticed. I've put "buy appropriate clutch bag" on my to-do list. Poor me; I have to shop for a favorite activity. LOL

I had bought the gifts from their registry list a couple weeks ago; I'd even wrapped them so at least that disaster averted! I'd put them away and promptly forgot about the wedding.

4. Had the cookout Sunday evening. I wanted to run to the commissary early Sunday morning. I needed groceries and wanted items to make a fresh salad and deserts. Bam! The car had a flat tire. It was too hot to mess with it at the moment so we made variations to the menu instead.

5. Using ingredients I had on-hand I made green beans with potatoes and bits of smoked ham instead of the salad. Desert became a creative mound of two types and layers of Jell-O spiked with canned peaches, cottage cheese, a fresh orange, slivered almonds, and diced celery. I made a lemon-flavored cream cheese icing to put between the layers. It was interesting, to say the least, and surprisingly good.

5. At nearly midnight Sunday I threw in a load of towels...and the washer began spewing water out of the lower front of the cabinet. I disconnected the power, turned off the water, cleaned up all the mess, and put the large load of wet towels in the hamper. Thanking God that this tiny town has a clean, safe, open-all-night laundry mat only two blocks away, I hauled them down there. Wes had changed my tire after the cookout.

6. Came home with the wet towels, threw them in the dryer and discovered the commode is not flushing properly. It is flushing, again thanking God, and the plumber will be here Wednesday week, so...perhaps...fingers crossed...

It's 2 a.m.; I'm going to bed.

7. Harry has a sore on his butt. Took him to the vet; it's not mange; it's not a tumor, and he seems to be feeling better. He's to go back if it's not healed in 10 days.

So...lost clothes, social calandar mishaps, wrong menu, broken clothes washer, flooding, iffy toilet, missing contractor, rescheduling woes (still haven't heard from the electrician) new tires to purchase, and my puppy has a pain on his patootie.

Calgon...take me away (but please don't let the tub collapse before I can replace it!)

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