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Don't know if I should laugh or cry

12 years ago

Today my husband told me to come out and pull some poison ivy so he could weed since I don't get a reaction to it.

I should have known he was being his usual hypercondriac self since he thinks everything with 3 leaves is poison ivy (don't even get me started on our on going debate about Virgina creeper, he still swears it's a rash causing vine).

First thing he points to is some silver lace vine seedlings. Don't know if silver lace is a native but I told him to pull if he wanted but I would rather him transplant them along the pasture fence, or better yet, along the property fence to hide the neighbors junk yard.

But then the real shock came, he pointed to another 3 leaf plant. It was a Jack in the Pulpit.

Many years ago I rescued a couple Jack in the Pulpit plants from an area being developed and have been trying to get them established throughout my woodland garden by spreading their seeds. Now he tells me that he's been putting on gloves and pulling them out because they have 3 leaves so must be poison ivy. This explains why I have not had any luck getting them past the tiny little spot I first started them. In that spot, he knows them, anywhere else, they are poison ivy. This poor little plant got saved because it hid in some ferns and was just now tall enough to be seen.

So again, I don't know if I should laugh or cry. But I do know that I got to get him over this 3 leaf phobia, I'm wondering how many trillium I have lose. Oh well, if nothing else, maybe after the tongue lashing I gave him, at least he will ask me first from now on.

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