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Anyone ever gone to the No Shampoo method?

rob333 (zone 7b)
10 years ago

Sometime last year, I found a shampoo (made by Dove, but they must've quit making it?!!!) that made my hair feel clean without being oily or overly dry and I noticed that by the end of the bottle was that my hair looked so healthy, but I attributed it to being the right balance. Balance was truly the key. I kept thinking, if there was something that could just let my hair be what it is, I'd be ok. I've been debating going to the no shampoo method. Why? From her website:

"Why You Don't Have To Wash Your Hair Often When You Use The No Poo Method

When you wash your hair via the No Poo method you use baking soda to remove the dirt, oil and debris from your roots and scalp. Since baking soda is not a detergent the sebum your scalp produces doesn't get stripped away. The result -- your hair becomes healthier as a result of not having the natural oils stripped away. Your scalp, now in balance, will produce less oil. You will find that you can go anywhere from a couple of days to once a week before you have to wash your hair again. It's really simple -- less oil, fewer washings."

I'm just curious if anyone else has done this? I did, a long long time ago (like I was still at home with my mom and I'm 46), rinse with my hair with vinegar and it did wonders for my hair. I know it works. I'm more interested in the transition???

Here is a link that might be useful:

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