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Another Mattress Adventure

9 years ago

Fifty years ago we bought our first set of bedding from Verlo -- a Midwest maker of mattresses. We bought pair of extra-long springs and two-sided mattresses that we use as a king. We've bought new sets from them a couple of times.

In January 2010 we bought a new set, choosing the 'less wonderful' of two good quality mattresses. There was a 10 year warranty. We have turned the mattresses as required, but now we can't escape center *sags*. The mattresses haven't 'failed' -- are not sagging 1 1/2 inches -- but they are no longer comfortable.

Verlo will refurbish these for $400, including pick up and delivery -- and will do it again if needed before 2020.

OR...we could try a single-sided Sealy king mattress from Sears for $800. (This is what we put into our condo this winter, expecting it to last perhaps five years.)

We had one bad experience when we left Verlo for a department store mattress. I suspected as much when it was so 'light weight' when delivered. We returned it and bought our present set.

We could also buy a new set from Verlo for $1600.

After talking to the store owner/manager, I'm inclined to try the refurbishment. What do you think?

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