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Back to the drawing board - kitchen-family room layout

11 years ago

Hello kitchen lovers,

A few weeks ago (months??) I posted regarding my challenging modest space. The input was very helpful and so I return asking for more.

The issue with the last series of plans was that it involved moving a load bearing wall.

The verdict from the structural engineer is that it cannot be done without a post and said post makes the move pointless since I can't run the post through the sofa.

So the next idea is to bump out the family room wall 3.5 ft which can be done without a foundation. The contractor, who knows my budgetary restrictions thinks it's doable (as does the structural engineer), although I have not seen the numbers.

My goals are:
1. kitchen table for projects and meals when it's just my son and I.
2. kitchen stool or two since every single person who walks in this house for any reason plants themselves in the kitchen and I currently have nowhere for them to perch.
3. roomier family room for sprawling
4. functional kitchen

BTW the fireplace room is where we read and play music

Here are the plans:
First is the current layout.

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