Should I just give up and buy even more oak?

9 years ago

I'm convinced that HGTV's Michael Payne may have left the country, and if so I'm certain it must have been to ensure that he would never, ever have to deal with my kitchen remodel problems! (:

After a year of trying, I believe that there IS no good layout for a kitchen with a four-way intersecting crossroad directly in it's middle. So, poor-layout embracement it is, and on I go to the next seemingly unsolvable situation.

What possible new kitchen cabinets can live in unison with the existing woodwork throughout our house?

We have hemlock six-panel doors and hemlock-wrapped windows, stained in a warm medium tone. They look good -- the wood has very little grain and I actually like them.

What I do NOT like is the medium oak, raised-panel cabinets, whose doors have far too wide a gap AND they are EVERYWHERE:

- family room (open to new kitchen): 13' run of built-ins

- formal dining room: 12' of base & glass-door cabinets

- master bath 9' run of cabinets

- main bath: 8' run of cabinets

- TWO powder rooms: 3' runs of cabinets

I am nearly sick thinking of bringing MORE oak to a NEW kitchen just to blend in. The kitchen and family room will be open to one another as we are taking down a wall. I could almost, just barely tolerate the oak if it didn't insist on being the star with all it's heavy graining shouting out. I want granite to be the star in my new kitchen, darn it.

What say you?


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