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i got a very big approval rating for my kitchen

13 years ago

this may not seem like a big deal and to be perfectly honest, i'm not sure WHY it is to me, but MY MOTHER IN LAW LOVES MY KITCHEN. she was here yesterday and did a walk through. she told me today she didn't say anything then but she can't stop thinking about how beautiful it is, and i am elated.

what the hell is wrong with me? of course it's nice when people compliment but coming from her, it's just ...i don't know! what??

when dh and i bought our first home 18 years ago it was a dump. a big, old, ugly dump with a fantastic floor plan and stunning original wood work. it took us ten years to completely restore and renovate and when we were finished it was beautiful. but "too dark" for MILs tastes. my own mother (now passed) never really got to see the finished outcome but when we bought it she expressed her dismay as well.

why the hell do i care? should i go back to therapy?? (oh, God. please say "NO"!)

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