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PSA and Mini-vent about Ikea Adel White Cover Panels

11 years ago

Attention all future Adel White kitchen owners! Hopefully you already know this, but in case you don't - There are special Adel White Perfekt cover panels! Please make sure that Ikea sells you the right ones.

I have been so disappointed that our cover panels do Not match our Adel White cabinets very well. They are much whiter and glossier - so much so that we were considering trying to paint them or making our own cover panels. I googled the part numbers just now and discovered that the kitchen specialist at Ikea ordered us WHITE cover panels (that match Lindingo and Stat), not the specific Adel White cover panels, which are Off White. On the bright side, we did not install them yet, and now we can get a proper match without attempting to paint our own cover panels. (It just means yet another trip to Ikea and wasted time and gas. Uggggggggh!)

Okay, vent and PSA over! Carry on! :)

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