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HELP - do people do granite backsplashes anymore?

11 years ago

Hi everyone,

We are almost done with our kitchen for our new construction house - finally! We are going to have granite countertops and I'd like subway tiles for a backsplash. The granite fabricator told me that he likes to put in a granite backsplash (3 inches) b/c it seals the granite to the wall. I told him that when I look at kitchens that I like, I typically don't see a granite backsplash with the tiles - I just see tiles for the backsplash. He said that I don't want it like this b/c the grout next to the granite will become dirty and we will need to re-grout it every now and then. The upkeep will be horrible.

What do you guys think? Do people do granite backsplashes when they are using subway tiles as the backsplash? I really need your wisdom as I feel like I'm losing my mind over all of these house decisions! Please help a frantic working mom of an 18 mo old that is also trying to build a new house! Thank you in advance. Sarah

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