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Concrete countertop (island)

15 years ago

I have fallen in love with a wood floor that is breaking my budget!

My plan was to have a honed marble island - it's small 60"x24" (with overhang 62x26), but still the marble slab is $500 bucks! I'm thinking of making it out of concrete, as it's just a plain rectangle no cutouts nothing. From what I can gather online that Buddy Rhodes is the only one who makes a white concrete. I was thinking of doing white, with the pressed technique that makes the little veiny type gaps and then filling them in with a light gray to possibly give a marble look. Anyone do anything similar? Even maybe not white, but the pressed technique? Any thoughts or tips or better yet pictures?? Or any other manufacturers to look at?

(I also thought of doing stainless steel, but apparently that's super expensive... i need cheap!)

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