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XpostWoodworking: Help fix "sticky" Waterlox bb countertops?

9 years ago

Can you help with my wood finishing problem?

My Waterloxed butcherblock countertops are sticky!!! Paper sticks to it and even transfer the images onto the countertop. The ink from grocery bags sticks/transfer onto the countertop. All sorts of dust particles stick to it.
It looks and feels plasticky.

What did I do wrong?

**How to fix it?**
- I found a few links/directions, but how did you handle it?

- I have 3 countertops; 2 of them new Ikea oak butcherblock, and third is sanded-down-to-the-raw-?maple wood butcherblock
- All of the work was done in Dec, Jan, and Feb, so humidity was pretty low.
- All bb were brought inside to acclimate to the indoor temperature
- Open floor plan so there�s plenty of oxygen (not like it was closed off in 1 room).
- The Waterlox was brand new; I squeezed the air out like AskWoodman showed me.

- (lots of sanding/vacuuming/wiping in between coats � learned from watching youtube AskWoodman)
- Used disposable black sponge brushes.
- No shaking of Waterlox; stirred, pour out into bowl for use.

o Treated bb with � Bullseye sealer and � denatured alcohol mixture (to reduce blotchiness); let dry few hours.
o Wiped on 1 coat Zar mocha stain; let dry overnight
o Sand w/ 220grit, wipe/vacuum: Stained w/ 2nd coat Zar stain, let dry 1 day
o Friday: Vacuum/wipe: Applied 1st coat Waterlox; let dry 1.5days
o Sunday: Sand/vacuum/wipe: Applied 2nd coat Waterlox, let dry 1 day
o Monday: vacuum/wipe: Applied 3rd coat Waterlox; let dry 4 days
o Friday: sand/vacuum/wipe: Applied 4rd coat Waterlox, let dry for 1 week before putting stuff on it.

That was 6months ago and yes, butcherblock countertops are still sticky.
(been tired from 1st floor renovation, so finally addressing this now).

Really appreciate your feedback.
thank you,

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