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Yet another request for paint color help :)

12 years ago

Hi everyone,

I mostly lurk here (in fact, I think it's been ages since I've posted anything). However, I've reached a point of frustration and have decided to request (ok, beg) for assistance.

I've been gradually making improvements to my home since I moved in 7 years ago... remodeling, painting, you name it. I haven't touched my kitchen and now it needs help.

The previous owners tore out the old cabinets and built their own out of pine and left them natural. They also put in laminate floors that are made to resemble pine. They painted the walls yellow. At one time, I found the room charming. Now that I've lived in it, all the yellow is getting on my nerves (not to mention the cabinets and floor aren't holding up well). Unfortunately, all I can afford to do at this time is paint and I'd really like to find something OTHER THAN YELLOW. :)

The kitchen opens up to my living room. The living room has a chair rail around it (the kitchen does not) - the top is SW Ivoire and the bottom is SW Blonde (yes, I realize this is just more yellow, but I do like it in there). My sofa is a sage green and I have a red brick fireplace and white trim.

I had originally thought I'd carry Ivoire into the kitchen for continuity, but it looks muddy in that room next to the pine, so that's a no-go. I then thought I'd try some kind of green, but everything I've tried has either looked too minty or too dark. I then thought maybe a grayish-blue, but the ones I've tried so far are too blue or too dark (and I'm hesitant because I really have no other blue decor in my house).

In the last week, I've put up probably 20+ color samples (no joke). My walls now look like a kaleidoscope. I haven't fallen in love with any of the colors yet and I think I'm at my wits end.

Here are the colors I've tried:

SW Ivoire, SW Interactive Cream, SW Sagey, SW Chamomile,

SW Rainwashed, SW Hearts of Palm, SW Shagreen,

SW Tradewind

BM Covington Blue, BM Palladian Blue,

BM Kittery Point Green, BM Guilford Green,

BM Castleton Mist, BM Woodlawn Blue, BM Yarmouth Blue,

BM Gossamer Blue, BM Polar Ice, BM Ambiance,

BM Sweet Butter, BM Mellowed Ivory

... and I can't remember the rest off the top of my head. :)

Below is a link to an old picture of my kitchen (before I bought the house, actually). Ignore the country decor and stuff on top of cabinets (no longer there). The island has since been painted white in an effort to tone down the yellow in the room.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I can post more photos on this thread once I remember how...


Lawrenceburg, KY

Here is a link that might be useful: My yellow kitchen

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