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Need fast advice re height of BS & outlets - about to meet GC

10 years ago

On our sink wall, there is a 10' run of cabinets. They are separated by a door from the cabinets on the adjacent wall. The center 6' of the 10' run has a bumpout for a bay window (the counter is almost 4' deep in that area). The bottom of the window is 6" above the counter.

I did not want any BS on the sink wall, but my designer convinced me I need at least a short splash to cover any gap between counter and drywall and protect the drywall when I run a sponge over the counter. I am doing a fancier full height splash on the back range wall, so I prefer to do a short splash on the side sink wall using the same quartzite as the counters.

I need to decide whether to use a 6" high splash to the bottom of the window, or just a little 2-3" splash. WWYD?

I told the electrician I wanted sideways outlets close to the counter. He put them 8" above the counter to allow for a 6" splash. I think it looks a little odd to have horizontal outlets mounted so high. He can still lower them if I let him know ASAP that I plan to use a shorter splash.

This is not the layout we finally decided on (among other changes, there is now a french door just above the DW), but it is all I have loaded on Photobucket and shows the window bumpout, in case that helps.

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