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Would you give up a corner cabinet for more drawer space?

15 years ago

I have a U-shaped kitchen and on one corner of the U we have a super lazy susan in a corner cabinet, however, on the other corner of the U- I can have the same, but at this time I have NO STORAGE in the corner, but instead have 2 three drawer base cabinets on the corner and they intersect using filler.

My cabinet guy thinks IÂm wasting space not having any storage in the corner, but in order to "get storage" I would have to give up 9" to 12" in each of these drawer bases in order to fit in the lazy susan/cabinet.

Am I crazy to want to keep my drawer space rather than sacrifice it for a corner cabinet? Anyone have any other ideas? On one side of the corner I only have about 23 inches, so was going to put in a 21" drawer base with 2" of filler in the corner so that the drawers wouldnÂt hit anything as they were pulled out. On the other side of that corner I have about 32" and was going to put in a 30" drawer base and, again, about 2 inches of filler in the corner to allow room to open drawers. So, in order to put in a corner cabinet, I would eat up so much of the drawer space, I believe it is better to go without.

Your thoughts?

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