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Anyone use Farrow & Ball Down Pipe on cabinets?

13 years ago

Hi all. For those of you that remember, I am still working on our remodel- LOTS of painting. We had to scrap our plans for doing a matching IKEA butcherblock in birch on a small 12" deep run of cabs, and I have had to go to plan B (which was actually plan A at one point, go figure). IKEA changed the country of origin for the wood, and the two pieces we bought didn't match. All the birch is coming from China now, and it is VERY yellow. So, we are going to get a piece of Oak or Beech instead and stain it to look like walnut (which will match the walnut stained wood knobs in the rest of the kitchen).

So, my question is has anyone done, or seen, or have a pic of Farrow and Ball's "Down Pipe" on cabinetry, or furniture?

It is a really good match with my Python soapstone, so I plan to use it on this bank of cabinets, to mimic a Welsh dresser (we will build a hutch later).


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