Marble Farm Sink - Would You Do It? Beauty vs. Function

10 years ago

Ever since I saw this marble farm sink, I've wanted one in my kitchen. I ohhh and ahhh over it. This will be my clean up sink. (My prep sink is a SS undermount in my island across from the range.)

But with three kids under three, I am concerned about how the interior edges will look over time....I'm thinking of dishes sitting/being rinsed in the sink with red pasta sauce as an example.

I am installing marble counters (hopefully similar to those in this photo), and am ok with the wear and tear that these will get over time. But I'm also type A (ha!), and don't want the "creases" in the sink to look cruddy over time, even if I'm good at trying to keep things clean.

Sealers are so much better these days, but for this, I'm questioning things. So, beauty vs. function....thoughts/advice? Would you install a marble farm sink like this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Marble Farm Sink

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