it's finally happened. i have sticker SHOCK.

11 years ago

i know what things cost. i know the highs and lows, the good, the bad and the extremely ugly. before we did our very first kitchen after my husband and i were first married (18 years ago tomorrow!) i wrote down the amount i thought it would cost on a piece of paper, sealed it in an envelope and gave it to him to hold onto before the bid came in. i was off by $30. he was awed.

but now, all of a sudden i am clueless. i breezed through our appliance selection without batting an eye, interviewed seven cabinet makers and reviewed every bid without surprise. yet now, as we are about to turn the final corner on the kitchen of our new build i am paralyzed. i can't for the life of me figure out WHY WHY WHYYYYY a drawer pull needs to cost over $22! i can intelligently state my case as to why we must have a wall oven that costs over $5K. i can even make my darling husband see the merits of a sink made in the UK that costs four times as much as our old sink in our previous kitchen. hell, i can even talk him into LOVING the stunning polished nickel faucets, soap dispensers and outrageously priced instant-hot dispensers that i HAD to have. but now, here i am wondering how on EARTH i will convince him that we need hardware that will cost over $1200 -when i can't convince MYSELF. i'm thinking this is ridiculous. i'm probably just feeling the stress of the final months of the project ...but i am SICK over the cost of the hardware! i know we all call it the "jewelry" of the kitchen but i have to say, i have some pretty nice jewelry and i STILL can't justify the cost. the majority of the pulls i selected are over $22 each yet the second and third runner up pulls are under $9 each! ok. i think i'm done. i'm supposed to just bite the bullet and get what i want because it's what i want and i've come this far and if i choke now i'll spend every day looking at the drawer pulls i DIDN'T want but instead SETTLED on and forever regret the choice to save some costs. RIGHT??

talk me through this, please. i just need a little push but i need 27 of these ALONE. they're so pretty though ...and weighty and solid ...just like i wanted. i'm rambling now. and if not these, then WHAT?

either tell me it's okay or just someone just pick something else that i will fall in love with. and i can't wait for this chapter in my life to end. i really thought this would be a LOT more fun. sigh.

Here is a link that might be useful: schaub & co. traditional hardware

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