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countertop sticker shock

6 years ago

Warning I am mostly ranting in this post but I would like some help.

So I have started on the countertop hunt. I was hoping to decide on a stone fairly soon so I can finalize the color paint for my cabinet doors. I was dreaming of marble or light granite. Knowing that the lighter stones will likely be more expensive I was thinking that I will end up with just the island in a light stone and the perimeter in a darker (cheaper) stone.

So last weekend I spoke with a popular fabricator in my area (Northern Virginia) and picked out some slabs for pricing. Wow was I in for a shock. Although I new it would be expensive, I had them price what I would consider to be an ultimate dream countertop, Calacatta Gold. I was surprised that it was $220 a square foot installed for about $15,000 for my kitchen (68 square feet with sink cutouts and simple edge). So even my compromise of using it on the island at $220/sq ft isn't going to happen. Not with the certainty of etching.

I also had them price out Black Pearl which I thought might be a level 1 or 2 granite based upon my reading of these forums. Turns out its is a level 4 at this fabricator. Definitely better than the Calacatta Gold but still pricey. Carrera was also a level 4.

So I was wondering if anyone could help steer me into the right direction. I don't think I could live with etching if I am spending that kind of money. I would like a lighter granite but not speckled. I have not liked the marble like quartz that I have seen so far.

Should I be looking at different fabricators or just adjust my expectations for living in a high cost of living area.

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