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Mamamia, I just don't get it, dimmable cfl'

13 years ago

(1) I already searched the threads. I have learnt a lot but also got more confused

(2) I live in California

(3) I will have about 10 recessed can lights. I did not have any before.

(4) The GC told me cfl's are not dimmable. I am sure he is wrong.

(5) However, are dimmable bulbs a lot more expensive?

Is the switch a lot more expensive?

And those two are all you need for dimmable cfl's, right?

(6) In your opinion, do you think it's even worthwhile to have dimmable cfl's, or just have two sets where I can control 1/2 each time?

(7) yeah, last question...does it really matter if it's 2700, 3500, or 4100K?

I know there's a lighting forum and I looked there too. But I know there are so many able people here.

Help the helpless person...

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