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Paint color for walkout basement family room? (pic)

13 years ago

What do you folks think of this wall color with the carpet? It's Dunn-Edwards "Cochise", which we saw in our daughter's light-filled home,and liked a lot. We're considering this for our walkout basement, which includes a guest bedroom, office, and TV/family room. We plan to paint all three rooms the same color.

The family room, which we use a lot, gets very little light, just what comes in from the other rooms, patio doors and a window over the stairwell. Carpet will have to stay. One wall of the family room is SW Sagey; it's a wall that comes down from the LR above, and will stay that color. Other rooms upstairs(if that matters) are SW Lily(light yellow) and SW Kilim Beige, with one MB wall in TV Grape Ice.

My concerns are:

(1) I'm not sure the wall color and carpet color harmonize; carpet seems pinkish and the wall a yellowish tone to me.

(2) Seems like too much brown, carpet and wall both; I'd like to try something else. DH likes "tan", but that's not the only deciding factor. I can't think of what else to try. We don't want to do green down here too, and there's already enough yellow in the house. A very light apricot maybe? I need ideas!

(3) This color may be too dark for this room with so little light.

Thank you all for any advice you can offer.

Here's a photo of the LR so you can see the SW Sagey. It looks almost like a light mint green sometimes.

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