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Help me pick my backsplash mural size, Please!

15 years ago

Please help me decide which mural size would look best. I know this is a matter of preference but I need other opinions.

here are my 2 options:

This mural size is using 6 x 6 tile with a 2 inch border.

This mural size is using 4 x4 tile with a 3 inch border.

Here is the mural I have chosen to use. This is definately the picture I want to use. I just don't know which way to "frame" it in to be a focal point. I cannot use it as pictured b/c it is TOO big. I don't care for the "leaf border" either. But I have may other options...HELP!

I also like how this mural is framed in.

What do you think?

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