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Wood look laminate flooring - opinions?

15 years ago

Here's the deal. I currently have laminate countertops. I don't have a ton of counter space, so I would like to replace it with granite. Estimates to do so aren't too bad, given I don't have much space to cover.

The problem is, I also have vinyl sheet flooring. Not one of the newer kinds that can sort of look like tile either. We're talking diamond accents on shiny grids. It's spread like a growth through the back of the house: kitchen, dinette, laundry room, powder room and the back hall. DH and I both agree - if we change out the countertops, the floor has got to change with it.

I also have an office that is right off the kitchen, that I'd like to rip out the carpet and replace with the same flooring as the kitchen. It's a dual purpose sort of room, could be a formal dining, could be an office (has french doors on it).

This means a total of over 650 sq ft, less the laundry and powder room area, as I may do tile in those two places. So, I started pricing hardwood floors, as that would be first choice. OUCH! Even the engineered pre-finished click is pushing 4k, which, btw, exceeded my installed granite estimate by quite a bit.

On the other hand, Lumber Liquidators has a laminate floating floor - wood look, light maple, for .78 sq ft. THe whole thing would cost me something like $549, and we could install ourselves. We have some laminate wood flooring in our basement, which I feel is totally appropriate and looks pretty darn decent, imo. SO, I was thinking...maybe this would be a good alternative. At least until I have fewer kids at home (by fewer, I mean less than the FIVE I have, hehe) and the dogs are too old to chase each other around and ruin the finish on real floors.

So, my question to the fine people of this forum is: Would that look stupid? I mean, you know laminate when you feel it, not necessarily when you SEE it - but when you walk on it - yeah, you know. So, if I upscale my a wood look laminate not upscaling the floors enough? I have to consider this as we move often, and its never off the table. Of course, I'm thinking it can't be worse than what's already there. Opinions? experience? suggestions?

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