More Trash use of 24'

12 years ago

I have 24" of space in which I want to put in a trash pullout. Cabinet guy says for a double the sizes are 18" or 21". Then there are singles which I guess are 12" and 15". So my options are using an 18" pullout with 6" left over for something, or do a 12" single, with an additional 12" of cabinet. As a side note I will have another 6-9" spot around the corner for something.

We recycle quite a bit, so I thought it would be nice to incorporate that into the area, but there is also space to put our recycle bin in the closet around the corner.


-Is a can in a single pullout the same size as each can in a double, or is it larger?

-Is it dumb to have two tiny (6-9") cabs in the kitchen?

-Can I do anything practical with a 12" base cabinet?

-Would it be a good idea to do one 12" pullout for trash and one 12" pullout for recycling?

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