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What colour walls for red chairs and dark brown wood?

16 years ago

Hi! I'm a lurker here for the most part, wandering over from the gardening forums which is where I hang out for MANY hours at a time during the summer! I love this forum - it is so addictive looking at other peoples houses and drooling.. :)

Am hoping to get some advice/ideas about a paint color for a new room.

We are slowly fixing up our 50's ranch style bungalow, and recently annexed the small bedroom next to the kitchen. We installed 3 big windows and still have to do the floor and the walls... it's a long slow project because we're doing it all ourselves on a limited budget, but I am completely stumped for paint colour.

The room faces east, and the pine trees make sure we don't get a lot of light on top of that, so it's a faily dark room and I don't want to consider any cool colors. So I want to make the room brighter and cheerier, but if I stick to the family of white paints, I think it might be too stark against the windows, which are stained with english chestnut, and not as light, or red, as they appear in the photo. The're almost as dark as the wicker.

I wondered about some shade of pale mocha, or a pale apricot tone, or even something more yellow. Was also wanting to add another color to the room, like a pale orange. In my mind I have a palette of sunset colors but I don't know they'll really go together, LOL. So if i went with a mocha type of color, that would eliminate the sunset theme, I think.

Or maybe I could wallpaper the window wall with a grassy weavy type of thing, batik, I think it's called? Or would that push it into a look thats too exotic for the window style?

Here are some pictures. The table and lamp are not staying, and neither is the mint green armchair.

The floors will be hardwood, something similar to the windows but a touch lighter.

I'd be very appreciative of all ideas and advice!

The first picture is taken from the kitchen. We tore the wall down and will replace the studs with a railing on each side, where the basement stairs, now open, will separate the kitchen from this sitting room.

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