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Revised Kitchen Plan

15 years ago

ok in the hopes of the keeping the window and making my life easier by not having to deal with permit office in S.FL. here is a revision. I added an Island (48 in x 30in.) there is 36 inches all around it. Is that too small?


If I switch the stove section with the refrigerator section than the island is in the way between stove and sink. What do you think? I am not thinking prep sink because it would be more of a work table that can be moved closer to the window if I need too, as well as providing a casual place just to eat cereal.

Work Table idea:

I guess even though kitchen looks big on paper I don't see built-in "island". I missed out on the HGTV design gene.

I cook alone ;-) so family members pretty much stay out of my way.

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