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House Plan(s) Review (revised!)

9 years ago

I am bringing back my houseplan for critique... but a NEW and (much) IMPROVED version - thanks to naf_naf ! Seriously, I get kind of giddy looking at these sketches and how much better they are than a plan that I thought was pretty 'good'.

There are two versions of the plan - I lean towards the first and my husband leans towards the second.

I've taken the kitchen over to the kitchens forum and have been working on the design there. I am going to have a cabinet maker mock-up the area for me in the next week.

Couple notes - we might keep the stairs going 'down' in the living room because we plan to have children's bedrooms downstairs and may not want them to be able to make a 'beeline' from the garage straight to their bedrooms - bypassing all upstairs dwellers ;) The upstairs were simply to utilize 'bonus space', but not necessary. There will be a full walk-out, daylight basement below.

Thank you for any thoughts you have on our current plan... and THANK YOU naf_naf (Martha!) for your kindness in sharing your creative talent with us.

(I am posting the original houseplan too for comparison)

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