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Need advice - patio door coverings

15 years ago

I think my vertical blinds have finally had it. I went to close them last night and lost another panel (darn thing broke at the clip, second one in 6 months). Now when fully extended, it no longer covers the entire door.

I want to replace the vertical blinds with thermal pinch pleat drapes, since the windows are a southern exposure and it gets quite warm in the nook in the summer. I was looking online and it seems I would have two options: a single patio door panel, or just do a pair as you would on a window. I like the look of the pair vs. a single panel that would gather at one end. My concern is that it might make it difficult to use the patio door? would the panel on the sliding side get in the way? Anybody have this on their sliding patio door?

My other problem is, I have two windows flanking that door (its a bay window, with the patio door in the center of the bay). Should I cover them all with floor length panels? Right now I have vertical blinds on the patio, and roman shades on the side windows.

Anybody else struggle covering these?

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