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Need Help Choosing Backsplash & Sink For New Venetian Gold Granit

14 years ago

Our daughter just moved into a condo and is updating the kitchen. Cabinetry has been painted white (BM Cottonball)and hardware is brushed nickel. She is replacing tile countertops with granite in New Venetian Gold Light. Floor is terracotta tile. (She does not like the light orangey color, but it is not in the budget to replace, so she is just trying not to draw attention to it....)

She is having a hard time deciding on a tile backsplash and would appreciate any suggestions or photos that you could share. She wants something light and neutral that will blend with the NVG granite and white cabinetry. The granite company can also install her backsplash (although we may not use them) and suggested a 4x4 tumbled travertine in a color called Durango. But she is just not sure that is the direction she wants to go. She may relocate in 3-4 years and wants to stay away from anything that might be 'dated' if she needs to sell the condo. Would a bone colored ceramic tile be any more 'neutral'? Also, the granite company sells a stainless undermount sink made by Soci. Would stainless be the best choice, since her cabinet hardware is brushed nickel? Or would something white (Silgranite type?) look better? I forgot to mention that her appliances are currently white - hopefully won't have to replace them any time soon, because we're not sure whether to go with white again or stainless.....

Thanks for your help! The granite guys are coming tomorrow to measure, and they will be asking about her sink and backsplash choices....

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