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large crown molding near range hood

11 years ago

Somewhere I saw a post about this problem and I can't find it. Please help me. My large crown molding (with extra fill under it) gets to be too close to the range hood. I believe someone had this problem and the solution is to cut the crown straight not on a diagonal and it won't go too far over to the stove?? Hope I'm explaining this correctly.

Additionally, I wish I used 3" around the range hood for extra space instead of cabinets coming right next to stove.

Actually just when the cabinets were being installed I saw a beautiful image of kitchen without any wall cabinets on range wall just tiles all the way up... Gorgeous. I would love to sell these 4 cabinets and do that!! Even if it's just the 2 21" wall cabinets and trade them in for 18".

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