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need design help for windows/shelves over cleanup sink

10 years ago

I need a design for the West wall of our kitchen in process of being remodeled. I'm cross posting between Kitchen forum and interior decorating forums so hope that's okay. I think my questions here are more design related than function but there is SOME function.

Options are almost "anything goes" from above countertop (which is at 35 inches thereabouts from floor) to ceiling. Budget is always a concern but I am first looking for something I "love" and then I will try to figure out how to get it without breaking the bank.
--13 X 14.5 = size of room
--exterior wall - west side - lots of sun
-- 97 inch ceiling
--full width of exterior kitchen wall is 14 1/2 feet - with 2ft counters/cabs on both sides
--large sink (32 inch?) below windows will be in a 36 inch cabinet with 2 ft wide dishwasher on right side and 2 ft counter on left
--sink on this wall is not only sink - there is a prep sink in island
--this wall is most visible (head on) from the adjacent dining room that has 10 ft opening between dining and kitchen
--island shown will have butcher block counter and two stools at end of island at point facing the windows (without countertop this isn't obvious from picture) island is 6.5 feet deep and 42 inches wide
--13 feet is depth of kitchen from West exterior wall to point it interfaces to dining room
--South and East walls are lined with cabinets (or backdoor) so lots of visual clutter
--unfortunately, view isn't that great out the window - thinking of hanging outside in front of windows baskets of Bougainvillea, a plant that does well in pots and blooms most of the year in our climate and is quite beautiful
--my goal with this wall is MAINLY to add light and also to give feeling of openness and space and design (maybe with a hanging plant on shelf?)

As it stands now:
--I'm looking at three windows as shown in the image below but this is still design phase so nothing bought yet or even bidded on yet. I had wanted to d o a couple of open shelves on each side of the windows for cookbooks or herbs or decorative tea cups or something like that. I have plenty of storage elsewhere so this is not a major concern though I do like to have things I use most be visible rather than in cabinets so might be useful for hanging spatula or something? But doesn't look like enough room, especially with the horizontal cabs planned for the East wall - they will need room to open out.

bottom line questions:
What size and shape windows would you do? simple? picture? casement? doublehung? awning? Would you sacrifice width of windows to have open shelving? Or have no open shelves on either side to get more light? How many open shelves (dust collectors?)
--Thoughts, ideas or suggestions?

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