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Need help designing window seat cabs beside corner fireplace

9 years ago

Hi everyone,

I realize this is off topic for a kitchen, but it is really the cabinetry and trim details that I am trying to design for a window seat that we want beside our corner fireplace. I know you guys are the cabinet experts. Just to be sure, I have cross-posted on the home decorating forum. Specifically, we are puzzled by the following:

1)How you butt a corner fireplace beside a 2 feet deep window seat?

2)Should we just do end panels on either side of the window seat or stick with shelves on either side? Perhaps the end panels could be less deep than the seat?.

3)How do you design the right hand side (non fireplace side) so that it is balanced and visually appealing?

4)Should we even be trying to do a window seat here? DH is very keen on this feature.

BTW, we do need a valance over the window seat due to some duct work, which can offer some coziness and a lower ceiling for lights over window seat.

Here is the proposed floor plan. It does show just end panels on either side of the window seat but that is not necessarily the best solution.

Here is a sketch drawn when we thought to have a TV on other side of fireplace. Now we will have the TV in a pop-up console (shown behind the love seat). The TV will be less used here compared to the lower rec room.

Here is our attempts at an elevation picture:

Finally, here is the picture of the space under construction (and yes we are living in the house hence the bed) The fireplace will be scooted back against the corner and centered in front of the corner. For now it is out from the corner, but not for long.

I thank you in advance for any help you can provide. We seem to be rather stuck with this aspect of our design, and would love to get all or our cabinets ordered and all of the electrical rough-ins done. In other words we need to make these decisions.


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