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Critique my Layout please Kitchen/Hearth Room

13 years ago

My turn to seek layout help - again! This will be the 3rd kitchen Ive done with the help of my GW friends. :-) Even though my current kitchen isnt finished, it appears were finally getting close to going forward with the plans for our tear-down/new build. Were meeting on Friday to start modifications on the stock plan we chose. The original kitchen plan, while adequate, does not seem at all large enough for our needs, based on my past and current TKO experience. But maybe I'm just biased or spoiled. If you can help me get everything I want to fit in the original 20x20 space without feeling cramped, Im all ears.

Im sure there are flaws with the plan Ive drawn. Hoping to get lots of creative and constructive input here! If this build gets approved, it will be our "forever" home or at least until we retire in ~15-20 yrs.

This is a first draft, so right now Im looking for general impressions of the overall space and how it can best be arranged to fit our priorities. I have lots of details to share, but dont want to bog you down just yet. Questions, please ask.

Relevant facts: 3 person household -- two adults, one pre-teen + many pets (dog, cats, birds, fish, etc). Two- or three-butt kitchen. Almost everything (FP, windows, most doors, appliances, cabs, seating, etc) in this 27 x 25 "hearth room" can be moved around anywhere, anyhow, creatively, as long as we dont block southern light/views and maintain a light spacious feel. Cannot move the butlers pantry/DR/LR. Stairs could potentially move from one side of hall to the other, prn.


- Maximize natural light/views*

- Fluid work-flow, motion-conserved food prep/cooking/serving

- Functional storage that makes sense I have lots of gadgets, dishes, etc that Id use if they werent stored in basement

- Entertaining (both formal and informal)

- Aesthetically-pleasing clutter-free space

* This is the only place I have specific requirements and reservations. See details below.

For now, on to the plans:

Original plan:

Full 1st floor plan for reference (I eliminated back porch to extend the HR to 27 feet wide, and added a mudroom):

With site location notes:

Kitchen/Hearth Room:

Method to the madness (or... why I drew it that way):

1) Maximize natural light / views

- This end of the house (northwest) is already inherently dark when compared to the other end (where kitchen currently is) but the site and other factors dictate that the kitchen be NW instead in the new build

- Mudroom is located behind FP in order to not block light/views

- Keep most large dense objects (fridge, oven, etc) on interior wall

- Want an unobstructed long view from front door to back door/window (i.e., dont want to see kitchen stuff or FR furniture (couches, etc) or mudroom junk from front door entry

- Want breakfast table to have at least 2 window views

- DH doesnt want table in NW corner d/t privacy issues (road is there & we dont like curtains)

Looking forward to any feedback you can give! Thanks!

Also, if you need better pics, let me know. (Don't know why they look so small here.) I have some elevation shots too if thats helpful.

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