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Please critique my kitchen layout

16 years ago

A thread on the "Building a Home" forum got me re-thinking my kitchen layout, so I thought it might be wise to post here one last time before it is too late and solicit a critique. Thanks in advance for taking a look!

Floor plan Here is the floorplan. All the cabinets are inset quarter sawn oak with a flat panel arts and crafts door. Features include a 5'-6" x 9'-4" single level island open to the great room beyond.. A 36" range with hood. A built in microwave/convection oven along the pantry wall to be used as our "second" oven. A wine fridge in the side of the island closest to the nook. The refrigerator is pushed back into the wall to the right of the range to make it appear counter depth. The table in the nook has a leaf and in most cases will be shortened to accommodate 4 instead of 6 chairs so it won't be as crowded.

Reach-In Pantry Inspiration This was my inspiration for the pantry. I really like the look of this pantry, but I'm realizing it might not be the best use of space and I might be better served by turning this entire wall into a bank of cabinets.

Microwave/Reach In Pantry Wall This wall has the reach in pantry mentioned above and a micro/convection combination to serve as a second oven when we want to keep things warm.

Main (Range) Wall This wall has drawers on the right side in a counter height upper cabinet. The door to the right passes through to the dining room and I'd like to store napkins and linens here. A second roll out trash can is to the right of the range.

Front of Island The front of the island has the sink and dishwasher and open bookshelves on either end. The first roll out trash can is located under the sink here.

Right Side of Island This side of the island is open to the nook and holds a 15" wine fridge. I'm thinking it will be convenient to the nook which we will use to hold glass ware and our "bar" for entertaining. I'm trying to make the kitchen "entertainment-friendly" while I or my DH are cooking.

Back of island Not much to talk about here. We have additional 18" deep storage cabinets here for appliances I don't use often.

Left side of island This side has the bookshelves and a cabinet for trays.

Nook Built-In The nook has a "secretary" cabinet which will swing down to accomodate a laptop and swing up to hide the mess. Also a landing zone for cell phones, keys and mail. The rest of the nook will be lighted glass front cabinets on the uppers.

So, do yo see any problems here? Can I do anything better while keeping the same general footprint, as far as the external walls are concerned? Thank you for looking. j.

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