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What backsplash to go with Opal White Quartzite????

13 years ago

You have all inspired me so much to not give up on my quest to find a more durable counter surface that looks like marble. I'll be using honed Opal White Quatzite.

My big stumbling block now is what kind of backsplash. My kitchen (and house) is contemporary. The Wenge cabinets are in. We're going with a concrete-looking ceramic tile for the floor. The vision is to have the backsplash go all the way up the wall. There is lots of natural light and there will be some downlights highlighting the backsplash.

DH and I have gone back and forth on this. He wants some color. I am more drawn to neutrals as we're having the upper cabinets painted ultra-high gloss in whatever color will make the kitchen really pop (mango?? green??).

Your inspiration AND PHOTOS will be really appreciated.

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