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Anyone use thin porcelain large-format slabs on walls?

9 years ago

I'm considering using a thin porcelain, large-format slab on the shower walls of my master bath. This is a remodel (complete gut). One website shows the thin tiles/slabs covering entire bathroom: walls, floors, and countertops.

Does anyone have experience with this new technology? Any issues with installation? durability? aesthetics? matching to other surface materials? installation cost?

I posted to the Bathroom Forum, but was re-directed to Kitchen forum. I currently have glossy ceramic 2x2" tiles on the shower walls and floor with lots of grout.

I contacted two vendors, hoping they would send samples, but both directed me to local tile distributors. So far I've seen Artistic Tiles Max Fine line. They have three marble-like colors, but offer custom colors as well. Two sizes: 5x10' (slab) and 30x30" (field), 1/4" thick. Field size was quoted at $38 PSF, not counting installation. Weighs 2.76 lbs PSF. They recommend two-person installation, even for the field size.

I tried matching the Max Fine colors to conventional porcelain tiles in the tile store - I found the color in Max Fine to be less creamy than a conventional look-alike calacatta porcelain tile. If I used Max Fine on the walls (but not floors), I would most likely need to look for a contrasting color for the floor.

I contacted Stone Peak regarding their Plane series. I have not visited their distributor yet. They have 15 colors in polished or matte, with largest size 5x10' and several smaller sizes.

Please advise me on the pros and cons if you've looked into this type of product. Also, would be interested in hearing about other vendors.

Initially, I was considering Caesarstone slabs on the walls, but was told that the installation would be very pricey, especially due to the weight and the need to prepare the walls so that they are absolutely flat.

Here's a link that may be useful:

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