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What to Put in 30' slot in kitchen?

14 years ago

I need some help. We are painting the perimeter cabinets in our kitchen an ivory color. We have ordered cherry cabinets for the island, stained chocolate brown, and also 2 18" pantry cabinets (same dark brown)that will flank the 48" Thermador Refrigerator on another wall.

During the early plans, we took the 36" cabinet that was in our old island and slid it into a slot on the perimeter wall.(it's the slot the old fridge was in). Perfect--it matched so when we were going to paint, it would be the same.

However, as with most plans--things have changed. We are now putting a 36" stove in where we originally were going to do a 30" stove. So, it looks like the great idea of moving the 36" island cabinet into the slot on the perimeter has just been eliminated. Now I need a 30" cabinet. Trying to match a new cabinet to the cabinets I already have is quite difficult.

So here is where all your brilliant and creative minds come in. Besides a base cabinet, what can I put here? I was thinking 30" fridge drawers. DH thinks that the giant 48 fridge should not need to be supplemented. Good point. But what about a wine fridge, or beverage fridge? Do these come in 30"?

I guess I should say, that yes--the storage would be great that a cabinet would offer. But perhaps some of you have some ideas for me...

Thanks again for all your help.

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