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House could've burned down-halogen light.. Xenon needed!!!!

15 years ago

Long story short, I have a cabinet that someday (LOL) will have a glass door. Still have the wood shelves as I haven't swapped them for glass yet. Right now it is just a door frame missing an inset. I have xenon UC lighting, and the electrician installed a halogen puck light by drilling a big hole in the top of this cabinet. *Apparently* he just stuck this puck light up in the hole from the inside without securing it, IDK, figuring gravity would never take over????

Anyway, apparently it fell down, and unbeknownst to me, the switch was turned on. You couldn't tell because the light had fallen onto the solid wooden shelf so no light was being given off, and this is the only light that operates on that switch.

Got up the other night at 1am, and saw a glimmer of light coming from beneath that top shelf. Odd, so I examined further and found the switch on, with a hole BURNED now through the cabinet by the halogen light that was sitting against it. The light melted to the cabinet, but was still ON!!!!!! There was a faint crackling and popping noise coming from the shelf, like it was still sizzling. THANK GOD I saw it!!!!

So DH calls the electrician to come back, and he was supposed to be here this week, but nothing. Now that he will be swapping out the light, I DO NOT want halogen. I want Xenon, and I would prefer a bronze light, instead of the white fixture he put in before, since I have a med wood cabinet. Anyone know where I can find a bronze xenon puck light?

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