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Help with my vintage sink situation? Style mavens, grant me your

12 years ago

Hello folks,

So the saga continues: We're creating an art deco-ish 1930s-style kitchen in our 1930s home, we found a most amazing sink, and we have a slight dilemma. We want the sink installed as this style of sink was installed in the 30s, i.e., on a sink base that's shaped like the sink (with curved corners) and that sticks out a few inches from the cabinets on either side. Arlosmom's sink is an example:

This is our sink (it's butter yellow and about 4.5 feet wide):

But the thing is, these vintage sinks are only about 25" deep, if that... so only the depth of a standard counter. So the options, if you want them to stick out (which we definitely do), are either (1) have shallow base cabinets and counters on the sink wall, like only 21"-22" deep... but for storage and other reasons we would rather not do that; or (2) build up something behind the sink's backsplash, like in the next two pictures:


Does anyone have any other ideas, or other pictures of similar solutions, or suggestions? I like the approach in the first picture above, with the yellow tile, but am not totally sure how to do it since unlike those folks we're not planning on having a tile counter. We will have a vintage-y tile backsplash, but I'm not totally sure how to make it all work together.

The plan is to put the sink below a window that's as wide as the sink and has the windowsill a couple of inches above the top of the sink's backsplash, like Arlosmom except that there's no window frame below our sill. We will tile that whole wall in a vintage-y fashion (probably cream tile with a green or black stripe, something along those lines). The base cabs are probably going to be some kind of stained wood, possibly light cherry; it's up in the air because we have to go look at the sink next to various wood options to see what color works best. The uppers will be painted wood, cream colored. For the counter, we're not yet sure. We are leaning towards wood in a contrasting color to the base cabs, so either very pale (silver maple? Birch?) or quite dark (walnut?). My husband is passionately opposed to tile counters. :-)

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance for your help!

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